february 2009

3:23 PM

This has been a tough month for me and my family. There we're supposed few occasions that are worth celebrating and things that are worth doing but all has been pulled to the backseat in honor to my bother-in-law, Jimmy who had just passed away. I have been personally looking forward for this month to come. Not only to celebrate the Heart's Day(14th), my niece's birthday (17th) and my very own birthday (18th)... but to also give a dream a possible chance to come true.

I was all set to apply for a US Visa early this month when the tragedy sets in. Such a very untimely incident but no one wants it. This time I don't wanna ask why things don't seem to happen the way I wanted it cause the answer had clearly been given already... but I want to remain optimistic another chance will be given to me at another time. I believe things if meant to be will happen at it's own pace. So if February 2009 wasn't so good to me, I still have 10 more months to look forward to.

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