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10:28 AM

Not only that financial is tough for me right now but as well as time. As I have mentioned on my previous post, I've got something to share here with you and it has something to do with my latest employment. Last week just out of curiosity, I applied for a job in a bar and a restaurant here in Panagsama Beach that my room mate had recommended me to grab to. It's not the typical job type that I used to do back in Davao.

At first, I was so hesitant about it primarily because it's not the kind of establishment where I want to be employed to and like I said, the job (being in-charge of money as well as dealing with foreign visitors ) is something new to me and I have no idea whether I can actually make it or not. So my lady boss instantly hired me after a few minutes of casual talk. Though unprepared and undecided, I still reported the following day and I am first working on a graveyard shift which is from 3pm to 1am. I admit I found the first day dull and boring that it actually made me think of quitting right away but then I still gave it another try on the next day until I was able to gradually learn to get used to it. It's not actually a high-paying job but if not for my boss who is so kind and warm hearted along with my friendly co-workers, I could have had just given the opportunity up. But now, I am starting to enjoy it. This decision may have brought a total revision of my routine but I am still trying to efficiently manage my time because I can't think of any possible valid reason to give up blogging
just yet. So I still hope to see you guys around and expect me to land on to your chat and comment boxes every now and then...

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