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12:56 PM

It has long been JK's idea to design a personalized template for my blog. He actually had started one already but for some reasons, we just can't seem to finalize it yet. He's been very supportive to me all the way especially when it comes to my blogging activities. Like when I decided to shift for a new theme for this page. Needless to ask. From the layout search, customization and oh yes, that header which I am featuring or should I say "boasting" (??) here right now was his sole concept.

Skeptical! That's how I honestly felt about this idea of his. One morning while I was waking up, he took these screen shots of me (with my permission of course). I was clueless about his plan of using them in customizing my header.

My initial reaction was... HAHA... "NO WAY!" Feeling ko kasi ang sagwa...

But he tried it anyway no matter how I refuse. And no matter how I looked at it when he did, my so scrupulous mind would still disagree... lol! I often hate situations like this because I don't want him to assume that I am deliberately turning down his idea... that I don't appreciate his effort like what he's getting at me sometimes/(?). Although, most often than not, the Nancy's way is always be the Nancy's way.

It took a while before he convinced me to say "YES". And like I said, it has to be my way... (hehe! taray talaga, noh!). So obviously, the express photo effect was my idea in which he also agreed upon along the way. I used colored pencil effect to modify the pictures, spruce them a little to turn them into a work of art-like images.

I know things like this are only basic and so simple that even kids can manage to do but what makes it extraordinary special was the shared fun, excitement along with some petty disagreement with someone you love while you're trying to shape and finally make it useful together.

COMPROMISE was still the best word at the end of the day!

In case you may wonder, the background is my bedroom. As I have mentioned in one of my previous posts here, for privacy purposes, I moved my PC in to my room after my sister and her family moved into my house few weeks ago.

So most times of the day, my world evolves only with my PC, the four corners of my little room and my bed... lol!

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