mutsy stroller: a must have for baby

9:36 AM

Attention to all Mommies out there... How would you like to visit this new site that offers a great ride for your baby. When you want your baby to travel in style and comfort, there is now an easy way to do it. Mutsy strollers brings you two innovative, stylish and easy to use strollers that can make your life easier.

The new Mutsy Slider that has a totally new mobility concept that gives you all the way comfort you need from compactness, low weight and performance with a sophisticated sporty looks. While the 4Rider "Next" Cargo offers the functionality with the addition of a leather handle and the Cargo range of fabrics. It's bassinet is ideal for transporting infants, features a strong handle, a mattress pad and cover, and zip storage compartments. The Mutsy collection was developed to meet all mom’s needs, and its unique modular construction offers parents flexibility for baby transport. Its retail stroller price comes with slider chassis/seat unit for $569, Bassinet for $190 or for your convenience, you may simply pick a complete stroller set for only $759.

Selecting the proper stroller can help us parents manage our day-to-day activities with baby. And oh mommies, if you want to look chic with your baby, Mutsy is just the right brand for you. Visit the site now to learn more!

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