a deadly predator

11:25 AM

While having an in between pee break from blogging, I found this spider lying at rest on the floor while I'm on my way to the comfort room. The oddness of it's presence inside my house prompted me to grab my camera and took a couple of snaps, instead.. (forget about peeing, Nancy, lol!) Out of curiosity, I made web research about it's kind and found out that it's a type of a Banana Spider. The banana trees found in my backyard is what made me further think is where it came from.

Banana spiders are also known as Brazillian Wandering Spider. These spiders are aggressive and very venomous and not intimidated by size (can attack people when threatened). Based on toxicology studies, they are the world's deadliest spider. However, there was an antidote for the bite of a Banana Spider and it was discovered by Carlos Chagas from Brazil...

The question: Is the antidote available all over the world too? (Layo kaya ng Brazil sa Pilipinas.. hehe!)

Thanks God, I wasn't asleep while it was on my floor... It could have crawled towards where I am and took a deadly bite out of me.. Whew!!! I could have been dead...tsk..tsk..tsk!

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