fake make sense!

7:52 PM

Does fake really make sense at all? Yes, for me it does. If we are to use fake, hand crafted plants, trees and flowers to save the natural and living counterparts of these creations, then it really does make great sense. Who would not dream of having a majestic home to stay, the sweetest bundles roses on your debut, or the grandest flower arrangement on the most important occasion of your life... your wedding day? All these can be someone else's dream. We actually don't have to let nature suffer to meet what our little hearts desire because there is now an online venue where you can shop variety of silk plants that suits any needs or occasions. These products are made of fine quality materials, designed to look real and lasts quite longer than their real counterparts. Not only that we preserve nature, high quality fake products can also save one's health. You may suffer from allergies and are deprived to enjoy or even smell your favorite flowers. Faux flowers that contains no pollen particles are made for you. The use of faux trees also decreases the chance of problems with insects in your home. Now you can finally design your interiors and outdoors by using these worry and risk -free silk plants. Ain't that make sense?

If we look at the modern times, the more we dynamically progress, the more we unconsciously place mother nature at risk. We can't afford to live in a barren land so let's all be responsible. Nature's preservation is not just for one person or group of people's calling. It's everybody's.

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