care for some tips on how to have a good mindset for weight loss

7:59 PM

Many people try to lose weight, but they fail. Many people success, but cannot maintain their weight at desire level. This is one of my frustrations, lol. Here's some quick step on how to successfully loss unwanted extra weight:

1. Mindset of Weight Loss
If you want to lose weight and maintain the ideal weight you like, you must have a clear mindset on what is weight loss all about.

2. Purpose for losing weight
You must know why you want to lose weight. If you think you just want to lose weight for fun, I am sure you cannot success!

3. The goal for losing weight
You must set yourself a clear goal on how many pounds you want to loss. If not, you are designated to fail!

4. The strategy for losing weight
This is the step where you start finding the ways and strategies for losing weight. Make sure you get one that suite your purpose and goal!

5. Massive action!
Take massive action in losing weight. Visualise your result!

6. Maintain your ideal weight
This is a step to consistently doing what is necessary to maintain your ideal weight.

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