More Compliment...thank you!

11:17 PM

Wow! Do I deserve this? I really don't know what makes me an xxtraordinary blogger coz like anyone else I am just doing my thing in the best way I could but anyhow, I would like to thank a new online friend for giving me this award. This is so kind of her, Thank you, Ging...

Well, there had been a lot blogpages I get to come across everyday and most of them had their own unique layout and styles. But among my friends, I can think of only one person whom I think deserves to recieve this award next and that is Gladys, the author of Dabawenya Babe and Daily Journal. One of the first few people I have known in blogosphere. She may don't know this but when I started blogging, I draw a lot of inspiration from her and her pages. So for me, she's a real extraordinary blogger.

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