Wednesday, January 30, 2008

6 "Quirky" or "Unconventional" Things About Me

Mom Liza tagged me this and are the quirky side of me:

  1. I do easily cry (hmm..ganito ba talaga?! do I really have to be honest with this?! lol!)
  2. I do my stuff according to my mood
  3. I don't like being interrupted while I am working with something.
  4. I don't eat meals on time especially when I am on the net
  5. I can spend hours at the mall just to buy a pair of slip-on
  6. I hate smokers!

I'm tagging everyone here... just drop me a line if you feel like grabbing this tag.


A Simple Life said...

HI Nancy! Thanks for participating ;) Let me comment on each number

1. I easily cry too, my husband laughs at me when he sees me reading a book and crying.

2. Hmmmm... moody ka pala huh

3. I can relate to that, I hate being interrupted too.

4. This is something you should change, eat on time.

5. In that case, I can't go to the mall w/ you, tamad ako ng paikot-ikot hahaha.

6. Oooops, I smoke, do you hate me? lol

Nancy said...

hi mommy liz...

thanks for that comment..sorry if it has to be so

I would still love to meet you in person though if it has to happen..and I am definitely enjoying exchanging words with you..thanks for your friendship..and just do dont think I have to hate you..

Take care!