1:25 PM

Wheee! I can't believe this is happening! I am writing my very first entry for Girls Talk right here, right now. But wait! FIRST DATE for this week's theme? Do I really want to do this? Okay, since I've desired to join this meme and for the fun of it... go!

So I really have to confess it now...

My first date happened when I was in my 2nd year in college. Told you I had a "house-school -- school-house" policy to comply during my high school days though I've had secret crushes but the actual dating took place when Mama and Papa were no longer there to supervise me, LOL! But hey, don't get me wrong. It wasn't done out of disobedience. I believe I have my own mind and there's nothing wrong with what I did.

Anyway, going back to the story... that guy was a "penpal" (di pa uso'ng internet nun). He started writing me somewhere during my senior years in high school. He was consistent till I graduated so when I took college in the city where he lives, we both decided to meet. We dined, walked at the park and watched a free concert.

I can't remember how many times exactly we dated out. Funny because like Niko I also have this memory issue after I've had a major operation 2 years ago. But well, one thing's for sure - it was nothing romantic! We just dated as friends. Obviously, I won't be going out with him more than once if he weren't a nice guy so yea, he was!

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